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Meet the Chef


Jeremy Baumgartner was born and raised in Sayre, Pennsylvania. He came from a large family of seven siblings. After high school, Jeremy worked at a bakery, then attended Culinary School for two years, followed by an internship at upscale Mr. Jones. Later, he headed to San Francisco to expand his versatility. 

The Westcoast, filled with abundant fresh ingredients and the residents' willingness to expand their palate, is a perfect location for a creative Chef like Jeremy to diversify. From designing new menus for high ends vegan restaurants like the Stola and The Raven, and becoming the Head Chef of Back to Earth, an all-organic catering, Jeremy left his mark wherever he went.


In 2008, Jeremy finally made his first footing in Bend, Oregon, at Fireside Red, an American Tapas, with a constantly rotating menu. He is also the winner of Bite of Bend Iron Chef in the same year. Not before long, Jeremy and his lovely wife and daughters move to Portland to work at Farm to Fit and then as the General Manager of Soupanes until 2022, when he quit his job as the General Kitchen Manager, to launch his Original Ravioli creation. 

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