Fresh Hand-Made Artisan Ravioli, Pasta and Sauces.

Foglia (Foe-lee-ya) is a modern pasta company taking the old-world Italian techniques of pasta making and fusing it with a fresh colorful artistic interpretation using local ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. 


The word "Foglia" is the literal word for "leaf" in Italian and Italian pasta makers use the word to describe a sheet or "leaf" of pasta.

All of our pasta is naturally colored with fresh juiced kale, peppers, carrots, turmeric, tomatoes, wild blueberries and beets. We do NOT use any food coloring.

At Foglia our goal is to not only to provide the best tasting, most beautiful and colorful products that our chefs can design but to also include healthy ingredients and superfoods to keep our bodies healthy at the same time. Our ravioli fillings include flax seed, hemp seed, chia seed, spirulina, acerola, green tea, local bee pollen, turmeric, local walnut/hazelnut, cocoa, beets and fresh greens.

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Pumpkin Ravioli

October Featured Ravioli

local heirloom pumpkins (kabocha, jarrahdale, red kuri, long island cheese), mascarpone, local stoudt beer, chestnut, pumpkin seed, orange, thyme

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